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The Changing Landscape of E-Commerce Packaging

The Changing Landscape of E-Commerce Packaging

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E-commerce has changed and will continue to change the packaging landscape. Doing so requires Big Picture Thinking, which means examining all aspects of the related value chain, including the impacts of the product, the package, the delivery process, as well as end of life scenarios. AMERIPEN is taking a lead role in helping the industry to both see the future and create the packaging that ensures the sustainability of the e-commerce value chain. Our panelists, all of whom are AMERIPEN members, have unique perspectives and capabilities in this regard:

Jim Lowry, Director, New Business Development & Technology, for Sonoco discusses the trend toward large, durable product delivery via e-commerce, and the role of packaging in this regard – especially when it comes to damage control.

Jonathan Quinn, Market Development Manager, Food Packaging for Nova Chemical, discusses the “good, the bad, and the ugly” of meal kit delivery, especially as it applies to food safety, freshness, preparation, and waste reduction.

John Wolf, Vice President, Global Marketing, Product Care Division for Sealed Air, discusses how his company uses the Big Picture, LCA approach to help customers get the most product protection with the least amount of protective materials, proving that source reduction is still the best way to eliminate waste.

Facilitated by Lisa Pierce, Senior Editor, Packaging Digest.

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